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Mandalay® Half Pallet Promo Nº 150207-01

Act now and save on an Amazing Half Pallet Promo. Each pallet comes with 27 sets of assorted pottery in Three shapes and Three colors. Buy a Pallet or a Whole container and save BIG! Mention Promo Nº 150207-01 and save instantly. Why not buy Factory Direct?

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 News & Recent Musings…

1803, 2015

The Father’s Day Conundrum

What drives product sales? Price? Brands? Beauty? Like a good movie, great merchandising programs need a good story, and most importantly, a hook. Increasingly as more and more people are shopping, or should I say […]

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1003, 2015

Habitudes® Tropical Damask at Home Depot

What started as a Southern California regional program at #HomeDepot has evolved into a National Hawaiian Days roll-out. Our #Habitudes #TropicalDamask design is an upscale ode to all things #Aloha and will be available in […]

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1112, 2014

The Pitched Garden Orb Planter

Wow…that’s a mouthful. Truth be told, coming up with names for every new design can make a person go crazy, not to mention the countless hours spent. So when you produce the volume of designs and […]

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1911, 2014

What’s in a Lantern?

Does a lantern by any other name still smell as sweet? Introducing the Wilshire hanging lantern by Habitudes®. This collection was designed in California and is literally bringing sexy back. Nothing sets the mood in […]

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