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a company that develops and creates (in Orange County, CA) unique indoor and outdoor clay expressions, with hand tooled earthenware, fired mostly at 2’156º Fahrenheit, using precision gas kilns, with amazing crystalline & reactive glazes, manufactured both in the USA and around the world, that look stunning (Day or Night) and fully resonate with fun-loving people everywhere...

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 News & Recent Musings…

1911, 2014

What’s in a Lantern?

Does a lantern by any other name still smell as sweet? Introducing the Wilshire hanging lantern by Habitudes®. This collection was designed in California and is literally bringing sexy back. Nothing sets the mood in […]

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611, 2014

The Urban Decor Fountain Nº 60091

Ideal for Big and Small spaces, the Cascadia urban decor, all in one fountain sets the bar for set-up and functiontionality. Borrowing from the Form follows Function crowd, all of the components needed to set-up […]

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2710, 2014

Introducing Taylor- Nº 60040

Squares are all the rage. The problem with squares is that they generally cost 30% more at retail. Why is that? When creating stoneware pottery, the best method for making large production qtys. is using […]

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2010, 2014

Good Times…

So I played around with creating gifs for our Kona and Maui ceramic Tiki Lanterns. There are some online free services like, but they come with ads which I simply cannot roll with it. […]

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